Protecting Old Glory

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

The next amendment to the United States Constitution may be written very soon, and as usual support for it is drawn down partisan lines.

Thanks to a 1989 Supreme Court ruling, burning, desecrating and pissing on the American flag is protected "speech." Conservatives view it as an act of anti-Americanism and not an explicit protection found in the Constitution. Liberals see otherwise.

It was a ludicrous ruling, just one of many precedents set by nine old men when these sorts of issues should be decided by the American people.

I personally do not believe in a law against flag desecration. As long as I don't see it I'm not affected. Such people do disgust me however, and it's only the ability to burn a flag I respect, not the person doing it.

On the other side of the coin I don't believe flag burning is a Constitutional right, despite the insane 1989 Supreme Court ruling. If this amendment passes and has enough support from the populace, then so be it. Let Old Glory fly.