Janice Rogers Brown, Medical Marijuana

Monday, June 06, 2005

Having spent the last three days snorkeling in the Bahamas one could understand why the newswire has gone unmonitored by me.

Now that I'm back in the United States it's time to get caught up with the headlines. It was just announced on C-SPAN 2 that Janice Rogers Brown will get her cloture vote tomorrow at 12:00 PM. If the Democrats hold up their end of the bargain then she'll have no problem getting through...however many years later it's been.

Speaking of the federal judiciary, the Supreme Court upheld federal drugs laws banning the use of medical marijuana today, saying federal authorities may arrest and prosecute people whose doctors prescribe marijuana to ease pain.

Something tells me liberals won't be happy with this ruling despite their penchant for Big Federal Government.

Of course I have to support the outcome of this case despite my position on drug control. Federal laws trump state ones any day meaning those who support medical marijuana need to concentrate their efforts on getting Congress to amend or scratch the current legislation.

This issue, along with gay marriage and abortion needs to be put before the voter, not the nine old unaccountable justices who sit on the Supreme Court and make rulings effecting an entire country with conflicting and diverse opinions.

This is why we need more states' rights judges on the bench. This is why Janice Rogers Brown must be confirmed.