Uh-Oh, God’s in School Again

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

From the Associated Press:

Public elementary schools will continue to allow Bible classes during class time while the local school board conducts a one-year review to determine if criticism of the practice by some parents is valid.

Several hundred people attended the school board meeting Monday, with many standing and applauding the 5-1 decision to begin the review while continuing religious classes, a tradition in Staunton and some other rural Virginia school districts for more than 60 years.
Can't imagine liberals being too happy with this decision, now can we?

Before you get all pissy, just remember that the Bible class has been a tradition in the town for several decades, is at a church and not on school property (allowed by the Supreme Court), and is completely voluntary. Those students who wish to exclude themselves from religious studies can do whatever they wish during that time.

Let's not raise hell and ruin a city tradition just because we feel excluded and believe everyone else should be taken down because of it. If I were in that situation, not wanting to take the Bible class, I would be able to come up with countless ways to productively spend the allotted time. End of story.