Death by Assault Weapon

Thursday, February 24, 2005

164 days after the expiration of the federal "assault weapons" ban some lunatic opened fire with an AK-47 outside a Texas courthouse.

A brave civilian with a concealed weapons permit tried to stop him but was gunned down by David Hernandez Arroyo Sr, the scumbag who happened to be wearing body armor at the time and who also took out his ex-wife over a child support dispute. Nice.

I wouldn't be surprised if this Arroyo character (who was killed by police as he tried to flee) had a serious criminal past but has been allowed to walk free due to our lax judicial process.

Should this be a call for more gun control?

Absolutely not. This case tells us two things: that concealed weapons permit holders respond faster than police because we are in greater numbers, and that criminals wear body armor too - so it's ridiculous to claim that we should outlaw guns that are "too powerful" for civilian use.

Perhaps someone with a Five-seveN (the gun the Brady Campaign calls the "cop-killer" and is trying to ban) could have been more effective at stopping the armor-wearing gunner.

God bless you, Mark Wilson, 52, a true patriot who died today trying to stop this despicable maniac.