Don't Hold a Grudge

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Melissa saw a different movie:

I read your review on the grudge and have to ask. Did you even watch the movie? In your review you say " many corpses begin piling up in a house that for some reason does not have a reputation for killing its many inhabitants. " if you had actually watched the movie you would know the emma, mathew and jennifer are the FIRST occupants of the house since the death of the previous family. Also you state " everything happens at night " which also is not true in the case of this movie.

The weakest part of your review was when you said ""The Grudge" gets stuck in a circular loop plagued by a pattern that utilizes flashbacks too complicated for its own good. " if you thought THAT was complicated then i suggest you stick to watching kiddie films for your own safety.
Emma, Matthew, Jennifer and previous family qualifies for "many inhabitants." Everything significant does happen at night. The circular loop technique is a way for a film to send a character back through time with no explanation. Good films don't resort to so many jump-cuts. Don't get me started on Boogeyman.

Maybe I'll take your advice. Let me know the next time a good kiddie film comes out.