Morning Thoughts

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

While we wait for any possible Supreme Court decisions to be released this afternoon, here are some stories to chew on for the morning:

  • While I don't follow nor give credence to opinion polls I can't help but notice that our dear president is at an all-time low of 34%. Much of it, I believe, has to do with the negative attention the Dubai Ports deal has picked up. If Bush can effectively explain this transaction and clear up the misconceptions I see his approval raising slightly, if only back to the low 40s.

  • Speaking of Dubai, why are Democrats in such a frenzy over this? Aren't they the party that rejects racial profiling and Islamic stereotypes? Surely if Kerry had won the presidency and made this deal Democrats would be crying racist at any and all opposition.

  • The NHL is back in business now that the Olympics are over. And still nobody cares.