Every Racist is a Republican

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

According to Kos: "every racist is a Republican." I think it's sad really, that the most prominent liberal blogger plays the race game. So every racist is a Republican, Kis? New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagan who called for a "chocolate city" is a Republican? Senator Robert Byrd, formally of the KKK and user of the term "white nigger" is a Republican? The Democrats who were caught opposing Court of Appeals nominee Miguel Estrada saying he was "especially dangerous, because . . . he is Latino"," are Republicans?

Racism is a product of ignorance, not political parties. Racists can be Democrats. Racists can be Republicans. Like money, race isn't a party issue. According to Kos it is. But what does he know? He specializes in winning elections for Democrats, a rarity ever since he came onto the political scene.

Wake me up in November when they fail miserably again.