Free Speech? I Think Not

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The University of Connecticut - a bastion of liberal students and professors. Must be a great place for diversity that welcomes opposing viewpoints, right?

Say that to Ann Coulter, who was invited to the university by the College Republicans. But when Coulter arrived she was met by protestors holding signs denouncing her as a Nazi. They called her racist (though she wanted Janice Rogers Brown to be appointed to the Supreme Court above all others), and sexist (though she believes women are capable of being trusted with firearms and the responsibility to carry them).

When she tried to talk and deliver her speech the protestors jeered, booed and blasted her with loud music to the point where she had to cut the speech short.

But don't feel too bad for Coulter. She was paid roughly $16,000 and didn't even have to deliver a full speech.

This behavior by the Left is pathetic and inexcusable. You can say what you want about her or her politics, but to obstruct an event so that she couldn’t even speak is quite hypocritical, since these are the same people who charge her with wanting to end free speech.

According to the school's official newspaper one student was quoted, saying: "She is a right-wing radical nutcase. If she had anything to say like she says in her books then we should throw rocks at her. I don't think it's fair to bring her point of view on campus."

I guess her detractors are moving up from throwing pies to objects that can actually cause injury. Maybe it's a good thing after all these people don't believe in guns.