Surprise, Surprise: Suspect in Clemson Student's Murder a Repeated Sex Offender

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I guess this guy still has some "rehabilitating" to do:

GREENVILLE, S.C. - Authorities say they have issued arrest warrants for murder, rape and kidnapping against a Tennessee man in the death of a Clemson University student strangled with her bikini top.

Jerry Buck Inman's DNA matched samples taken from Tiffany Marie Souers' apartment, State Law Enforcement Division Chief Robert Stewart said Tuesday night.

Inman has not been arrested. He is considered extremely dangerous and is likely in a green Chevrolet Camaro or an Econoline van, prosecutor Bob Ariail said.

The 35-year-old construction worker was registered as a sex offender in Florida in September for kidnapping and sexual battery. His last address is listed as Dandridge, Tenn.

Inman also had a felony record from North Carolina, but Stewart wouldn't elaborate. Ariail did say that he still thinks this is the first time the suspect has killed someone.

Souers, a 20-year-old civil engineering junior from Ladue, Mo., was wearing only a bra when she was found on her bedroom floor a few miles from campus. The bikini top was still around her neck.
So here we have a guy who's a registered sex offender in two states, has a prior history of kidnapping and sexual battery, and is now running freely from authorities as a suspect in the brutal rape and murder of a Clemson student. The sad thing is that you could cut his rap sheet in half and he would still deserve a good thirty or more years behind bars. Alas, certain members of society's penchant for "rehabilitation" and early release programs allow for barbarians the opportunity to strike again.

The police chief was quoted in the above article as saying this is most likely the first time the suspect has killed anyone. But how come we're not asking why Inman had the opportunity to upgrade his criminal resume to murder in the first place?