Slaughter in the Senate

Monday, January 30, 2006

The Democrats' futile attempt to derail the immanent confirmation of Judge Samuel Alito by way of filibuster proved fruitless today.

When they just looked too exhausted to go on this week, liberal activists took charge and demanded action. They're calling today a defeat, but claim to have taken something valuable from the experience. They believe they have gained today.

They lost: 72-25

It was a slaughter.

This was supposed to be the great fight. John Roberts was just the guy replacing another conservative. The showdown would be O'Connor's replacement, but the only showdown we saw was the infighting inside Democratic circles; debating the effectiveness of a filibuster attempt.

Now that Samuel Alito has been painted as this extreme right-wing fanatic who will take us back to the Dark Ages, all that was left was a vote. The fact that there were only 25 votes against Alito's cloture today is an alarming omen for liberals. If Alito could get by this easy, then who won't when Bush gets to select yet another justice?

And in a really sad display, Senator Ted Kennedy exploded on the Senate floor for all to witness (video courtesy of Expose the Left).

Warning: it isn't pretty, but typical of the childish behavior of the Senate Democrats. Yet the liberal bloggers still feel a sense of pride and optimism, but they're in trouble. And tomorrow, President Bush will get a national stage to welcome us to the newest justice of the Supreme Court. Seeing him in his new black robe will only deepen the Left's wound.