Ann Coulter; Sexually Harassed or Just Protocol?

Monday, April 18, 2005

Cum the unflattering TIME photo, this hasn't been a good week:

KRISTA SNOOK seems to enjoy her job doing airport security at the Harrisburg, PA Airport a little too much. When my rubber-soled Keds failed to set off the magnatometer and give her an excuse to feel me up, she still insisted on a full-body search on the grounds that I had not taken off my rubber-soled Keds the first time through (on what I thought were the sensible grounds that rubber-soled Keds could not possibly set off the magnatometer or conceal a pea). So I went through the magnatometer in barefeet, risking athletes foot and gangrene, which also failed to set off the magnatometer. But I got a full-body search anyway. It was like a date with Ted Turner: whether you liked it or not, your clothes were coming off at some point. Ms. Snook took special care in waving the wand over my barefeet — barefeet! — but then quickly turned to the main issue at hand: the risk of an exploding bra. The last time I was mauled like that, I at least got a couple of cosmopolitans and a steak first.
Looks like Ann Coulter has learned two lessions this week:

1. Require approval before TIME publishes your photo, always. (Malkin's got more on TIME and their photo restoring).

2. Remove your shoes before going through the airport metal detector, always.